Desktop Game Cartoon Dinosaur bank Family Game

139,00 lei
SKU: 1282

Dimensions: 27cm x 12.8cm x 27cm

Material: plastic


♦ Multi-functional integration in one, inspire children's interest in playing

 ♦ Brilliant colors can attract children's attention very well

 ♦ The surface of the product is smooth and free of burrs, and will not scratch children's hands

 ♦ Suitable for children over 18 months to play

 ♦ Cultivate children's manual and brain skills, help children's intellectual development and interaction skills, etc.

 【How to play】:

 1: Rotate the dial and make corresponding actions according to the instructions on the dial. Insert a coin or hit the piggy bank.

 2: When the piggy bank is beaten several times, it will open and the gold coins in it belong to the beater.

 3: The game is over, the winner is the one with the most gold coins!