82 Pieces Birthday Cake Toys (Local Delivery USA Only)

102,00 lei
SKU: X002H98L5T

Local Delivery USA Only

Light, Music and Cake!
Kids want 364 birthday celebrations in a year! With this pretend cake toy, they can relive their birthday excitement every day.
Featuring an in-built musical system that applauds and sings the happy birthday song plus radiant lights to go with it, this unique cake toy brings the full magic of celebration to kids. With reliable velcro fastenings, each removable slice of cake is perfectly placed until its time to share.
The set also comes with fruit, candles, cookies, dessert, donuts, ice cream, chocolate, plates, serving knife, cutlery and a tea pot, for a total of 82 pieces. Boosting children????s happiness, imagination, creativity and hands-on coordination, this toddler-safe play set makes them go hip, hip, hurray!
82 Exciting Pieces
Amusing Light and Sound Effects
Easy To Use
Non-Toxic Parts
Durable, High-Quality Plastic