Children's Educational Toys Gemstone Dig Kit

154,00 lei
SKU: ELTPNK2100607

  • Discover Crystal Treasures: Give your child the thrill of digging in a real gem mine. And can be made into gem bracelets.
  • Toys That Teach: Use a hammer and chisel to cut through the mud carefully. Slowly dig out the gems. Once you find a gem. Gently brush the dirt off the surface of the gem. Then you can collect a beautiful gem. Then follow the picture operation method to make gems into bracelets. Bling Bling's gem bracelets, ask which child doesn't like it?
  • Improve Hands-on ability: Let children enjoy scientific experiments. This kit is perfect for improving their patience, attention, and hands-on ability, making this dig kit full of fun and attractive.
  • Interactive Toy: The dig kit can promote the interaction between parents and children. With the kit, parents can dig for natural mineral gems with children to make them feel happy.
  • Perfect Gift: The gem excavation kit comes with a brightly colored, well-made box made of harmless plaster. If your kids are fascinated by archaeological excavations and want to give them gifts, you may buy this kit for your kids!
  • Easy Excavating: Your kids can put the soil block on the table and carefully chisel off the clay, or first wet the soil block to soften the soil block, and that will make the excavation easier, and then dig the gems out with a chisel, then use a brush to sweep away the dust, and then rinse the gems with water.
  • Wide Applications: The kit is a fabulous gift to children, which is suitable for children aged 3 to 8. The high-quality gem digging kit provides hours of fun, and it is suitable for families, schools, children's parties, and other occasions. With the kit, both boys and girls will enjoy gems-digging, and the kit will be a good birthday gift.
  • Size: about 10.5*10.5*4.5cm/4.13*4.13*1.77in
  • Packaging: about 17*5.5*21.5cm/6.69*2.17*8.46in
  • Weight: about 350g
  • For: Children aged over 3 years old, marine life lovers, collectors