Children's Educational Game Machine Memory Training One-hand Console Puzzle Brain Game

103,00 lei
SKU: ELT1PC211110204

Memory-enhancing: A new model for fascinating electronic memory toys for children over 3 years old that enhances memory and builds patience. The focus of the game is to repeat the color sequence in the order of blinking.
Practical for Use: Press the start button to start the game, observe the order in which the colored buttons flash on the Memorytoi, and press them in the same order before the buzzer goes out, exercise the child's hand-eye coordination, and keep the baby away from the phone.
Attractive for Baby: With each correct iteration of the color sequence, the number of colors in the sequence is constantly increasing, the little toys are great wisdom, and the intelligence is developed by hand, and the baby can't put it down.
Multi-purpose: Solo or play with friends to beat the longest sequence of colors for correct replay, with lighting and sound effects to improve baby interaction.
Quality Material: Made of ABS plastic safe material, smooth and burr-free, smoother, healthy, and non-toxic, with high playability, simple to operate, it is a good choice for gift giving.