6 PCS LED Squeeze Puffer Balls Stress Relief Toy

104,00 lei
SKU: ELTMIX2100561

RELAX AND PLAY A LITTLE - This hand-size ball will put a smile on your face and help you get rid of stress. It’s great for both kids and adults who need to unwind or regain focus. It helps them develop sensory and tactile stimulation and imaginative play.

MAKES A GREAT PARTY FAVOR OR GIFT- It can be given on birthdays, Christmas or any other festive occasion. You can use it as a fidget toy for therapy and anxiety relief; it’s easy to carry to work, school, or when you travel, too.

DURABLE AND SAFE - This ball is made of high-quality rubber and non-toxic TPR materials to maintain its resilience and ensure safety. It has a soft and smooth texture for convenient and comfortable gripping.

Product Information: TPR Material; Recommended age 3+; With LED lights (3*AG3)