Temperature-Sensitive Color-Changing Plasticine Silicon Mud

31,00 lei

  • Package Contents: 1x temperature-sensitive plasticine, 2x eyes, 1x nose.
  • Box size: 6x2.5cm.
  • Features: It is not sticky; it is not sticky to tiles/clothes/walls/carpets and is easy to clean
  • As the temperature changes, it will change color
  • Clay mud is super light, soft, and pure in color, it can be any mixed color, and it is easy to shape. You can poke, stretch, swing, and fall. All in all, it is a very satisfying feeling. You can even poke some small things, such as beads, to entertain the children.
  • Environmentally friendly materials, 100% safe and non-toxic, very suitable for children, but unless adults are supervised, it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age
  • An excellent smart plasticine toy suitable for children and adults, rich in color, can cultivate children's creativity and imagination
  • Not edible. Do not taste or eat.