41 Pcs Toy Kitchen Set,Cutting Pretend Play Food with Clear Back-Pack

82,00 lei
SKU: 020101190

  • FOOD LEARNING TOYS: Kids can figure out how to put the food together! Helped with language development both in learning colors and shapes to name different foods.
  • DURABLE VELCRO: The velcro is tough enough to hold together, but not too tough to cut through, and it's durable. The food can be stuck and unstuck many times without weakening.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS: Perfect size of the play food for toddler's hands.No no small pieces that can be swallowed.Durable clear backpack for storage purposes.
  • FOOD CUTTING TOY: The play's knife makes the "cutting" seem real to kids. The velcro helps them to learn to arrange the pieces in the proper order, numbers, fractions and encourages healthy eating habits.
  • HIGH RECOMMEND: Recommend to kids who love pretend play. Parents can teach them daily motor skills like cutting and aiming correctly. Great gift for Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day.