Baseball Ejection Launcher Machine Toy Set

103,00 lei
SKU: ELTMIX2100736

  • Baseball learning toy: Baseball is a great, interesting, and useful game, suitable for children to learn sports at a young age. This toy will help children learn to hit and pitch the ball, which will make their goals and swing more powerful. Children will enjoy playing with lightweight and durable children’s baseball bats and balls. And it is suitable for kids over 3 years old.
  • Skill development: Our baseball suits will enhance children’s confidence, and children’s T-Ball suits will develop physical strength and hone hand-eye coordination. The children will play baseball with friends and share knowledge and have a good time. All family members can participate in baseball games, a perfect activity for the parent-child relationships. Safe and Comfortable: Our children's sports toys are made superior and lightweight. It will not harm your child while playing.
  • Our bat is easy to hold, and children can move the baseball bat freely to enjoy the fun of hitting the ball. Practice quick reaction skills: The hitting action requires hand and eye coordination to complete the hit. When the ball pops out, children need to judge the hitting time to improve their hitting skills, motor skills, spatial judgment ability, and coordination ability.
  • Indoor and outdoor games: Put down the ball, press the launcher, the ball will automatically jump up, use at home or in your backyard to practice fun or continuous improvement, children's toy baseball suit can be used without restrictions.
  • Transmitter size: about 9*9*22cm
  • Baseball bat size: about 60cm
  • Baseball diameter: about 7cm