Colorful Pop Pencil Case Sensory Poppet Fidget

67,00 lei
SKU: ELTMIX12100764

Suitable age: over 6 years old.
Small size, can be squeezed and pulled without deformation, easy to store, easy to carry.
When you press the bubble button, the bubble will make a slight popping sound, then turn it over and start again.
Made of environmentally friendly materials, and can be reused and cleaned endlessly. Just rinse in the sink and air dry.
Bright colors and shapes, there is a pleasant sound when you press the bubble button, but it will also make your child feel satisfied.
This push bubble toy is a great sensory toy, you can press it, again and again, to lift it up. By repeating a single action to help children and adults in a state of high stress or anxiety relief and vent their stress.