Surprise Box Luminous Dinosaur Fossil Digging Game Kit

73,00 lei
SKU: ELTGRN2100825

🦕DISCOVERY AND LEARNING: Any child 6+ will be delighted to dig and discover dinosaur fossils! Find the Apatosaurus, dig them up, brush them clean and enjoy. Size: about 21.3x17.1x5.4cm. Material: plaster
🦕CALLING ALL PALEONTOLOGISTS: With this hands-on digging activity, your child will feel like a real paleontologist digging up fossils buried deep under the Earth. will learn a lesson in archeology that will last forever.
🦕GREAT GIFT IDEA: This intriguing set makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions for any child who loves dinosaurs.
🦕COMPLETE SET: There’s no need to hunt for tools for children to get started. The Dinosaur Discovery includes one excavation bricks with dino fossils, a hammer, chisel and brush to keep children entertained right out of the box.
🦕PERFECT ACTIVITY: With the dinosaur discovery kit, children can conduct their own paleontological dig right in the comfort of your own home! Everyone in the whole family can participate and join the party.