Simple Fidget Dimple Stress Reliever Toy(Random delivery in shape and color )

11,00 lei
SKU: KXM01-1

  • ✔☀ Soft Material: The buttons are made of 100% silicone; the frame is made of high-quality ABS plastic. Featured with smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons, better joysticks and buttons, clear click and mute buttons. Safe, non-toxic, durable, flexible, tear-resistant.
  • ✔☀ Help Yourself Concentrate: Suitable for people with attention deficit/ADHD, as well as students, office workers, and everyday entertainment. Encourage tactile stimulation, calmness, and concentration; simple joy that is irresistible!
  • ✔☀ Relieves Stress and Focuses: Great for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, or anxiety, perfect for students, office workers, and everyday fiddling. Irritated fingers can't put it down! The mini clip can be easily attached to keys, wallets, backpacks.
  • ✔☀ Easy to Carry: Dimple toy is small-sized and lightweight. It is an easy-to-use and addictive stress-relieving toy, and you can easily put it in your pocket and carry it with you. Unlike many other stress-releasing balls, they highly tear resistant and do not rupture.
  • ✔☀ Special Gifts: Unique keychain featuring silicone accessory buttons; endless hours of irritability! Very suitable for kids and adults over 3 years old. There are many colors to choose from to meet all your needs, bright colors also can attract the attention of kids.