There is a belief that toys are just to play. This may be true in some cases, but many toys can also be educational for children. Suitable toys can help kids learn about colors, shapes, counting, and more.


Here are just a few examples of how kids can learn while playing with toys.


Toys For Physical Development


Kids often imitate what they see the adults around them doing. Because of this, parents can use toys to help kids learn specific physical skills. A good example is a construction toy.



RC bulldozer toy


Kids love to build and knock down structures using their hands and small tools like hammers or wrenches. This type of play helps promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and logical thinking.


Another example is a toy kitchen. Cooking can be educational because it teaches kids about actual world chores like washing dishes or cooking dinner. The kitchen also promotes healthy habits like drinking water rather than sugary beverages or soda.


toy kitchen


Toys That Promote Language Development


Language skills develop in stages. Young children learn words through listening and repeating what they hear. This is why educational toys for this age group should either involve a lot of minor parts to make sounds or have an included CD or online component.


word learning flash card machine


Toys For Intellectual Development


Games like chess, checkers, or jacks require some logic skills to complete successfully.


Matching games promote logical thinking at an early age as well.


magnetic chess for children


When kids play with these toys, they gradually learn how to think ahead and solve problems.


Toys For Social Development


Kids learn how to interact with other people through playing with toys. A classic example is the baby doll. Kids want to take care of it like they see their parents doing with real babies.


stuffed goose toy


They also can pretend that the toy is hurt or sick, which helps them understand social situations and develop empathy. Playing pretend is a big part of childhood, and kids can learn many valuable life skills from their favorite toys.


How Can You Use Your Kid's Favorite Toys to Teach Them Something New?


Suppose your kids are obsessed with toys. Each one of them thinks that their own is the favorite! There are numerous benefits to encouraging toy play in children, including increased language skills and social interaction.


magnetic educational toy



Toys can also help kids develop fine motor coordination, teach them how to count, and even introduce basic science concepts! Not to mention that we love all of the fun toys available today. As a parent, we try to find educational toys for preschoolers.


Here are some ideas on using their favorite toys to teach them something new!


1- Encourage Reading with Board Books and Flashcards


Toy libraries are excellent for developing literacy skills in children! These libraries will allow kids to check out books and toys, both educational.


2- Encourage Counting Skills with Play Food Sets


Counting isn't the most exciting thing for kids, but it is essential for future math skills. Young children learn to count by playing with play food sets made of colorful plastic pieces.


These toys help kids understand the concept of counting and even advanced concepts like taking items away or adding new elements.


3- Use Toy Tools To Teach Fine Motor Skills


Learning to use simple tools can be difficult, especially for young kids. Most children's toolsets are made of plastic, which allows them to safely use fundamental tools without damaging.


Toolsets are fantastic for encouraging pretend play in kids and improving their fine motor coordination skills.


variable track car toy




Toys are great for babies. They teach them new skills in life, but suitable toys are necessary to create a positive experience that encourages learning without frustration.


When your child is having difficulty with a toy or it just doesn't appeal to them, you should replace it with another one. There are plenty of educational toys available so that you can find one perfect for your child.



February 24, 2022 — Gabriel Tanois