Racecar toys are one of the most comprehensive toys for kids. They involve mechanic knowledge, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and sometimes the ability to cooperate, too.


While there is a world of race car toys out there in the market, these 8 types are the most popular and beneficial for the development of your children.


1. Flexible tracks with power race car toys.

Flexible tracks are toy car tracks that are connected piece to piece through very flexible clips. Since the joints between track pieces are rotatable, the track can be inverted in any direction.



Therefore, your kids can arrange tracks on almost any terrains as they like, be it on the floor, over the chair, fluctuating across rocks, or even hung down from trees.


See? It is truly a great race car toy for them to unleash their imagination, and also great for kids to play with friends.


2. Magnetic track race car toys.

Magnetic toys have been popular for decades, but only with racecar toys are they truly a fascinating toy for boys and girls around the world.


magnetic track car toys


One of the reasons why it becomes popular is that magnetic track pieces are fast and easy to both assemble and clean up. Your kids only need to connect one tile to another and let the car run.


After use, they can just crush the track set and put magnetic pieces neatly in a box. Moreover, many magnetic track tiles and cars can be used across brands. That gives parents great flexibility in choosing their expansion sets too.


3. High-speed race car track toys.

High-speed tracks car toy is one of the most traditional and iconic types of car track toys. With long pieces of track parts, they can run smoother than on other tracks, thus moving a lot faster for the racing purpose.


high speed car toy


Although a race track with larger parts requires more space to put up, its gaming experience is totally worth the work. Your children can have a really fun afternoon with friends, or hold a small car race championship among neighbors. It's enormously fun.


high-speed race car toy


4. Wooden tracks and cars.

Many parents like us care a lot about the environment. If you prefer organic products against other kinds of toys, there is a nice option for you: wooden toy tracks.



Made from natural wood and colored with toxic-free paints, the wooden tracks are a safe and environment-friendly alternative. With compatible cars, your kids can enjoy just the same amount of racing excitement, as well as adopt an organic lifestyle.


5. Cartoon cars and tracks toy.

As we see on social media, parents would worry about cars too fast to be safe for infants and young toddlers. In that case, cartoon cars are a cool substitution off the bench.



Cartoon toys often consist of well-rounded pieces, with cars running slowly on properly-walled tracks. Children can indulge themselves and develop their fine motor skills without fear of cutting fingers or getting crushed by cars.



Moreover, the cartoon design will be an addition to the toy's charm. Children can play longer with it instead of getting bored easily.


6. Marble Run tracks.

Marble Run is not a race car toy, but it is more fun and educational in a different way.



Rather than the excitement of speed, a Marble Run toy entertains children in the process of making tracks. Kids will spend a lot of time pondering making a set of tracks the marble ball can run smoothly and as far as possible.


Marble Run is also a sustainable game in that it doesn't require electricity to run the marble ball. Children can learn physical knowledge such as gravity and potential energies while playing.


7. Ramp racer track toys.

As its name suggests, a ramp racer toy runs its cars on the ramps. It is another type of race toy that doesn't need electricity to run. Gravity does all the job. Kids can learn physical knowledge while nurturing their sense of environmental protection.



With cute little cars and multiple rails available, children can not only enjoy themselves but also compete with friends to see who's the fastest driver.


8. Real-scene race car tracks.

There is a special type of car track toys in the market. They don't just give kids tracks and cars to run on but also equip them with more facilities.


An example of this kind of car toy track set is the race car tracks parking lot big adventure set. In addition to a cartoon track with dinosaurs, it also contains mountains and tunnels, together with a multi-floor parking lot to imitate real-life scenes.



The significance of putting a real-scene track toy set in the playroom is that children can learn to organize procedures. They can also learn about real-world organizations earlier, preparing them for social life.


Whichever types of car track toys you are interested in, they serve your children in regards to their entertainment as well as education a lot. Moreover, track toys are outstanding for parents to play with children. If you still haven't got one at home, it's highly advisable that you try it immediately during the Spring break.



January 22, 2022 — Gabriel Tanois