Mini Bluetooth Wireless Thermal Printer

SKU: ELTPNK2100700


【 HIGH-QUALITY PRINTING】This is a high-quality pocket thermal printer, low power consumption, and the printing resolution is 200dpi. And it is suitable for kids over three years old.
【Size】 Product size is 113*80*50MM, the printing paper size is 57*25MM.
【EASY TO USE】Peripage thermal printer uses 57*25MM thermal printing paper. When the cover is opened and the printing paper is directly put in, printing can be arranged. Through APP management and editing, one-click printing is very convenient.
【MULTI FUNCTION APP】Wrong question printer functions include Bluetooth connection, inkless printing, wrong question sorting, analysis, printing, retro black and white photo, photo search, answer, learning memo printing, bilingual learning calligraphy, hand account assistant, graffiti printing, text printing, document printing, word, txt, and web content Print
Wrong title printer#Learning Assistant
①Built-in App search for wrong questions, analysis of difficult problems
②Built-in thermal printing paper
③Print banners, memos, and wrong questions
④Print pictures, web pages, articles
⑤Long-lasting battery life, carry it with you.

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