Mini SLR Children's Polaroid Camera Video Camera

SKU: ELTBLU220110414

Size of the product 161*171*63mm
Product color Pink, Red, Blue
Camera battery Built-in 1200MAH battery
Charging mode Micro USB smart charging cable
Charging time About 2.5 hours
Lifetime Continuously take 2000 pictures, record 2 hours, print 100 sheets of photo paper
Display 2.4-inch IPS high-definition screen
Camera Front and rear 24 million pixels dual camera
Camera resolution 1080P HD video effect, 4K photo resolution
Printer paper Low cost, 100 photos can be printed in one roll, and the photos can be colored graffiti DIY
APP function

1. Connect to wifi, print documents, and photo albums on the phone
2. Customized memo/bar code/ QR code printing
3. 13 kinds of note printing templates
4. 21 kinds of list printing templates
5. More than 150 kinds of painting templates to print
6. Multiple puzzle printing function
7. Setting function: 9 languages, common problem handling, manual

Packing list camera, thermal printing paper*3, manual, Lanyard, charging cable, 9 stickers