Preschool Audible Flash Cards Early Education Machine

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  • Sound Education This children's enlightenment educational toy is the first learning toy that combines flashcards and pronunciation, which is suitable for kids 0-3 years old.
  • 【Reading Flash Cards for Kindergarten】Ready for learning and playing? Let's start to explore the mysterious animal world! Our audible educational toy is featured with accurate pronunciation and realistic animal sounds, let your child feel like in the zoo. Total 112pcs animal sight words cards enjoy the fun while learning, bring your kids a new way to learn.
  • 【Easy Used Learning Toy】This early educational machine is very easy to use for toddlers, just insert the cards into the reader, it will pronounce the word livelily and clearly, without accents. One-key cycle function can repeat the words, no need to insert the cards again.
  • Package It includes 1*Card machine, 1*manual, 1 set of 112 PCS cards containing 224 English words.
  • Eye Protection The screenless design reduces the time that the child touches the screen and protects the baby's eyesight.
  • Material High-quality machines and recyclable paper cards, no odor, no sharp edges.

Customer Reviews

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Kids Card Enlightenment Early Education Machine

So happy to hear both the name and sound of the animals. Also, it is very easy to play with and my little one can play all by herself after showing her once.

Juan Diaz Garay
Kids Card Enlightenment Early Education Machine

My baby girls love animals and she is learning the names of them… she loves this and is helping us a lot! Totally recommended for parents!

Kids Card Enlightenment Early Education Machine

The early education machine I bought for my child is highly recommended. Simple and easy to operate, there are many small animal pictures, teach kid to know small animals, as well as English pronunciation, and the sounds of animals. The most important thing is that the buttons are particularly convenient. In addition to the switch button, it is the pronunciation button of the early education machine. There are two buttons in total, which children can operate by themselves easily. Replace the card for my son, then he can sit and study by himself for at least half an hour, which is good.

Xiao Li
Kids Card Enlightenment Early Education Machine

This is the educational machine I bought for my two-year-old son. It is very light and a child can easily hold it in his hand. I taught my child how to use the three buttons once, and he can operate and learn by himself now.kid likes to learn the sounds of various animals and enjoy the educational machine every day. I hope there are more cards for educational machines to read.

Kids Card Enlightenment Early Education Machine

My daughter loves this set, the English pronunciation is loud and clear, the animal sounds are so real and vivid. It keeps my 3 year old entertained for a couple of hours. I wish it comes with more sets of cards though. Willing to purchase more sets of cards for learning purpose.

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