What Does A Set of Magnetic Balls and Rods Include?

Magnetic balls and rods are a kind of magnetic toys. They include straight rods, curved rods, and balls of various colors. The rods are embedded with magnets, and the balls are iron balls coated with high-quality plastics.


magnetic balls and rods

How Do Magnetic Toys Work?

The magnets at both ends of the rods attract each other to form different shapes: sticks, hooks, circles, etc. The iron balls fit perfectly with the spherical dents at the ends of the rods so that the balls can serve as joints for the combinations.


how magnetic rod and ball work

Why Do We Need Magnetic Toys?

Many magnetic toys are not only fun but also useful for education. Magnetic balls and rods, for example, are a recognized tool for children's STEM education. They can learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and even the alphabet from shapes parents teach them to build. They can also develop their geometric thinking about structures, spaces, and forces. Magnetism, an invisible force to keep things together, will also breed their curiosity into science.


Magnetic toy for STEM learning

What Can We Do with Magnetic Balls and Rods?

We can build many things with magnetic balls and rods, from 2D numbers and letters to animals and vehicles. This can be a great method to let kids learn from play.

More sophisticatedly, we can help children build 3D structures, like 3D horses, furniture, and many more. Kids will start to learn about structures, spaces, lengths, and numbers when they design their creations.

With the balls as joints, all the creations are movable. For example, children can build a mary-go-round and have it spin with a gentle push. The fun to play with their works will keep kids away from smartphones all day.


magnetic toys for STEM education

Are Magnetic Toys Safe?

Many parents are concerned about the safety of magnetic balls and rods, most of which is choking hazard of the balls. In simple terms, it can be as safe as any other toy if played correctly.

safe magnetic balls

Choose parts that are hard to swallow.

Kidshealth.org recommends spherical toys should be above 1.25 inches in diameter to be safe for kids. Our magnetic balls are approximately 1.4 inches in diameter.

Only give magnetic toys to children old enough to play safely.

We demand that the magnetic toys should be given only to children at least 3 years old. They need to be old enough and trained to listen to take orders from parents.

Play with kids and keep them from dangerous moves.

While our magnetic rods and balls are safe by design, dangers could also happen if not used correctly. In that case, parents should play together with kids, and monitor them all the while. Keep children from dangerous moves such as putting a toy into their mouths and throwing toys at others.


Where to Buy Magnetic Toys?

There are many online shops selling magnetic toys. Prices vary and so do qualities. Ealing Kids only sells what is advertised, and offers great discounts to customers new and old. If you don't want to miss our daily offer, remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

August 25, 2021 — Gabriel Tanois