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We all love taking photos. Men, women, animals, cars, sceneries, throughout all the subjects out there, kids are one of the most interesting and positive subjects for photography. They are active, undisguised, and often more creative than adults when it comes to posing.


However, every coin has two sides. Sometimes we will also find kids are too active to pose properly, or cannot understand the photographer's instructions. This problem is even more noticeable when it comes to non-digital photography like film DSLRs and Polaroid cameras. Any accidents can cause a waste of films.


There are great alternatives to children's polaroid camera like the Ealingkids instant camera for kids, which allows children to take photos with its full HD front and rear lenses and store them digitally in an external memory card. Moreover, children can choose whichever image to print out instantly with the built-in thermal printer and BPA-free thermal paper. However, we can still use some good tips to pose children in photos.




1. Pose them as they are.

Children are the most genius models. Sometimes they don't need additional instructions. Let them play and gesture as they like. Remember to shoot from their eye level so that they look natural and relaxed.



2. Try to shoot them in sports or dance.

Many children are very active and fond of sports. They can play soccer, basketball, or skateboard all day. When you put baby girls in a beautiful dress, they would dance with joy. That is the moment you want. Set your camera to a fast shutter speed and get ready for a candid and vivid photo of the kids.



3. Capture baby girls with dolls or dollhouses.

Dolls and dollhouses are great subjects for photography already. Imagine how cute your baby girl would look in the picture with them! Dress her like a princess in your castle and surround her with dolls. While she indulges herself in the play, you will have plenty of room and time to snapshot the fun moments.



4. It's a good idea to take photos with pets.

I personally love to take photos of my dog. I am pretty sure that if there is a pet in your family, it's going to be a very close friend to your kids. Whether sitting next to a sleeping cat or hugging a flurry dog, your children would look more innocent than anything.



5. Try to shoot the most focused moments.

If you prefer stillness over activeness, you might need some extra help to keep children still. It is a good choice to give them something they can focus on and stay occupied for minutes (of course, not mobiles). Something like fidget toys would be great.



6. Make them smile at you, not the lens.

Sometimes we tend to observe the subjects through the monitor of the camera. But when it comes to shooting kids, it is advisable that you encourage them to make eye contact with you and interact in the process. It is positive for making them smile more naturally (other than gesturing for the shot).



7. Put them in nature, but only in safe ways.

Compared to indoor environments, nature provides better depth and lights for impressive photos. Grassland or meadow fields are some of the most popular scenes for photographers. Kids can enjoy the vastness and have fun boundlessly. The trees and animals out there will also amuse them a lot. One thing to notice is that parents must put safety in the first place. Don't just stare at the monitor or viewfinder and neglect the environment. Always watch out for dangers such as cars or insects. Don't let children play at risky places alone like seashores or cliffs.



8. Food can be good props too.

Kids love eating, so why not put them together with their favorite food? Nice delicacy ice cream would make them happy and put on a bright smile on their faces.



9. Bubbles, make them or play among them.

It is no surprise that children are easily mesmerized by bubbles: colorfully crystal, floating, and so fragile that kids would chase to see or make them explode. With a number of bubbles in the air, the photographer can create a beautiful depth of scenery.



10. The best time for children photography is with parents.

Yes, the best time children have is always with their parents. Spend a little more time with them. Make them smile by telling them stories or jokes. Have fun with them with family party toys. Use a tripod if needed to capture children's most natural and happiest moments.


January 01, 2022 — Gabriel Tanois