MingIt's Halloween time - the most horrible but also most joyful time of the year. This year, EalingKids collects the most popular Halloween outfits for you and your kids to dress up for the events.

Haunted Doorbell
Halloween toy doorbell scary prom

When the night falls, nothing begins the horror better than the Haunted Doorbell. It looks vintage and elegant, but when you press on its button, an eye on the doorbell abruptly opens, staring around with quirky green light and a hoarse voice. Kids asking for trick or treat? Try giving them both.

LED Face-Changing Cosplay Mask
Halloween Mask Face Changing Mask

 How many masks do you need to stay scary and special all night? With us, the answer is one: the LED Face-changing Cosplay Mask. Simply with a press on the matched watch, the mask will shift from over 2,000 faces to amuse people time and time again. You can even customize its faces!

Eyeball String Lights

Halloween string lights eye-shape lights

If you are throwing a Halloween party, you can really use the Eyeball String Lights as a wall decoration for the spooky vibe. With 8 flashing modes and 10 brightness levels, you can create your haunted castle at home.


Clown Halloween Costume

Halloween clown costume dress for girls
Halloween is a carnival for kids! Put your children in Halloween costumes and make them the focus of the party! The Clown Halloween Costume for Girls is a full set of dresses, hairbands, neckties, bracelets, and gloves to make your girls from 2 to 10 years old look completely Halloween.


Dotted Tutu Dress

Halloween dotted Tutu dress for girls
Another costume option is the Dotted Tutu Dress. Made of premium-quality tulle material, it's a combination of fashion, cuteness, and classic. Or go a little further with the Ghost Bride Cosplay Dress, soft, comfortable, and perfect for role-play parties.

There are many Halloween collections offered on ealingkids.com at great discounts. You can find them both on our official channels, or on discount curation sites. Get ready for this year's chill and prepare an unforgettable Halloween for your kids.



September 08, 2021 — Gabriel Tanois