How Kids Learn from Toys - And How Parents Should Fuel That

How Kids Learn from Toys - And How Parents Should Fuel That

There is a belief that toys are just to play. This may be true in some cases, but many toys can also be educational for children. Suitable toys can help kids learn about colors, shapes, counting, and more.


Here are just a few examples of how kids can learn while playing with toys.


Toys For Physical Development


Kids often imitate what they see the adults around them doing. Because of this, parents can use toys to help kids learn specific physical skills. A good example is a construction toy.



RC bulldozer toy


Kids love to build and knock down structures using their hands and small tools like hammers or wrenches. This type of play helps promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and logical thinking.


Another example is a toy kitchen. Cooking can be educational because it teaches kids about actual world chores like washing dishes or cooking dinner. The kitchen also promotes healthy habits like drinking water rather than sugary beverages or soda.


toy kitchen


Toys That Promote Language Development


Language skills develop in stages. Young children learn words through listening and repeating what they hear. This is why educational toys for this age group should either involve a lot of minor parts to make sounds or have an included CD or online component.


word learning flash card machine


Toys For Intellectual Development


Games like chess, checkers, or jacks require some logic skills to complete successfully.


Matching games promote logical thinking at an early age as well.


magnetic chess for children


When kids play with these toys, they gradually learn how to think ahead and solve problems.


Toys For Social Development


Kids learn how to interact with other people through playing with toys. A classic example is the baby doll. Kids want to take care of it like they see their parents doing with real babies.


stuffed goose toy


They also can pretend that the toy is hurt or sick, which helps them understand social situations and develop empathy. Playing pretend is a big part of childhood, and kids can learn many valuable life skills from their favorite toys.


How Can You Use Your Kid's Favorite Toys to Teach Them Something New?


Suppose your kids are obsessed with toys. Each one of them thinks that their own is the favorite! There are numerous benefits to encouraging toy play in children, including increased language skills and social interaction.


magnetic educational toy



Toys can also help kids develop fine motor coordination, teach them how to count, and even introduce basic science concepts! Not to mention that we love all of the fun toys available today. As a parent, we try to find educational toys for preschoolers.


Here are some ideas on using their favorite toys to teach them something new!


1- Encourage Reading with Board Books and Flashcards


Toy libraries are excellent for developing literacy skills in children! These libraries will allow kids to check out books and toys, both educational.


2- Encourage Counting Skills with Play Food Sets


Counting isn't the most exciting thing for kids, but it is essential for future math skills. Young children learn to count by playing with play food sets made of colorful plastic pieces.


These toys help kids understand the concept of counting and even advanced concepts like taking items away or adding new elements.


3- Use Toy Tools To Teach Fine Motor Skills


Learning to use simple tools can be difficult, especially for young kids. Most children's toolsets are made of plastic, which allows them to safely use fundamental tools without damaging.


Toolsets are fantastic for encouraging pretend play in kids and improving their fine motor coordination skills.


variable track car toy




Toys are great for babies. They teach them new skills in life, but suitable toys are necessary to create a positive experience that encourages learning without frustration.


When your child is having difficulty with a toy or it just doesn't appeal to them, you should replace it with another one. There are plenty of educational toys available so that you can find one perfect for your child.



February 24, 2022 — Gabriel Tanois
Why Kids Still Play Magnetic Balls and Rods in 2022?

Why Kids Still Play Magnetic Balls and Rods in 2022?

Magnetic balls and rods seem old fashion today: they are not electric; they don't attach as firmly as Lego blocks; they won't chat with kids as an AI robot does.


For some people, magnetic toys are just colorful pieces of bores. However, Time Magazine gave magnetic toys the third rank in its Best Toys of 2021 list. It makes people wonder, why do kids still play magnetic balls and rods in 2022?


 kid with magnetic blocks


To figure this out, we need to learn what magnetic balls and rods are, how they are designed, and what they can do for children present-day.


What Are Magnetic Balls and Rods

In simple terms, magnetic balls and rods are a set of magnetic toys that can connect to each other. They often come in various forms: straight rods, curved rods, and balls. They are capable of composing different geometric shapes like cubes, spheres, and other polyhedrons.


magnetic balls and rods


With proper structuring, people can make really complicated shapes like pendants and UFOs. Moreover, thanks to the magnetic joints, a piece of magnetic work is enabled with a lot of movements: spin, swing, and even transform.


How Magnetic Rods and Balls Work

While the possible combinations are countless, the working philosophy of magnetic balls and rods is comparatively simple. The rods have magnets pieces at both ends. The attracting poles are so strong they can form a solid connection and into various forms like sticks and hooks.


how magnetic toys work


As for the magnetic balls, they connect to the rods with the iron balls that fit perfectly with the spherical dents at the ends of the rods. The balls serve as joints for complicated structures.


It is a classic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toy for kids. How can such a simple toy be the top choice of many schools and parents for STEM education tools in 2022?


Why Magnetic Balls and Rods Are Top STEM Toys in 2022?

As we describe above, magnetic balls and rods are not just a fun toy but also a handy tool for educators and parents in children's early STEM education.


The reason they are more than suitable for this purpose is that magnetic balls and rods involve a lot of scientific and geometric knowledge. This includes magnetism, structure, balance of weight, and spatial knowledge.


Learn magnetism with toys

Magnetism is the foundation of all magnetic toys. A magnetic rod has opposite poles installed inside both ends: the north pole and the south pole. Parents and educators can teach children about magnetic polarity by letting rods attract and repel each other.


magnetic balls and rods


They can also learn extensively about the magnetization process, magnetic fields, and the magnetic poles of the earth. Parents are also advised to tell them stories of the application of magnets in industry, life, and science research.


Develop structural thinking with toys

Magnetic balls and rods are a kind of magnetic blocks. They are designed to develop children's intelligence concerning structure and shapes.


Parents and educators can begin teaching children to play with magnetic balls and rods from simple 2D shapes like squares, triangles, letters, and numbers.


structural teaching with toys


When kids are familiar with simple structures, they can advance to more complicated ones like grids and stars. They can even evolve into 3D structures: combine facades into a building, or triangles into a mary-go-round.


It is not just a process of fun and entertainment. By making different 2D and 3D shapes with magnetic balls and rods, children can learn a lot of things. They can get knowledge of geometry before school. They become keen on observing the world around them. They can memorize numbers and the alphabet better.


Kids will also learn an important skill from playing magnetic balls and rods, that is, finding the balance of weight. This skill is required in the process of building a structure that won't fall, and a structure that will spin. The skill of balance is also vital for children when they learn to swim, skate, and ride a bicycle.


Acquire spatial knowledge with toys

The sense of space (including distance, relativity, and perspective) is a critical sense of children. It affects their eye-hand coordination, motion control, and almost everything they do in everyday life.




For example, parents can guide their kids to consider how many rods they need to put to make a facade, or how to arrange the magnetic balls to point in the correct direction.


More commonly, children can learn words and concepts of spatial relations like left, right, above, and below while playing with magnetic blocks. Remember how you learn those words? Probably through play too.


Even in 2022, kids still need purposely-designed, educator-proven tools to learn fundamental knowledge, sense, and skills for their early development. That is why magnetic balls and rods are still one of the top choices of many classrooms and families, and also highly recommended by Ealingkids to parents and teachers who are looking for safe and intuitive toys for children's early education.

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8 Types of Race Car Toys Your Kids Will Love

8 Types of Race Car Toys Your Kids Will Love

Racecar toys are one of the most comprehensive toys for kids. They involve mechanic knowledge, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and sometimes the ability to cooperate, too.


While there is a world of race car toys out there in the market, these 8 types are the most popular and beneficial for the development of your children.


1. Flexible tracks with power race car toys.

Flexible tracks are toy car tracks that are connected piece to piece through very flexible clips. Since the joints between track pieces are rotatable, the track can be inverted in any direction.



Therefore, your kids can arrange tracks on almost any terrains as they like, be it on the floor, over the chair, fluctuating across rocks, or even hung down from trees.


See? It is truly a great race car toy for them to unleash their imagination, and also great for kids to play with friends.


2. Magnetic track race car toys.

Magnetic toys have been popular for decades, but only with racecar toys are they truly a fascinating toy for boys and girls around the world.


magnetic track car toys


One of the reasons why it becomes popular is that magnetic track pieces are fast and easy to both assemble and clean up. Your kids only need to connect one tile to another and let the car run.


After use, they can just crush the track set and put magnetic pieces neatly in a box. Moreover, many magnetic track tiles and cars can be used across brands. That gives parents great flexibility in choosing their expansion sets too.


3. High-speed race car track toys.

High-speed tracks car toy is one of the most traditional and iconic types of car track toys. With long pieces of track parts, they can run smoother than on other tracks, thus moving a lot faster for the racing purpose.


high speed car toy


Although a race track with larger parts requires more space to put up, its gaming experience is totally worth the work. Your children can have a really fun afternoon with friends, or hold a small car race championship among neighbors. It's enormously fun.


high-speed race car toy


4. Wooden tracks and cars.

Many parents like us care a lot about the environment. If you prefer organic products against other kinds of toys, there is a nice option for you: wooden toy tracks.



Made from natural wood and colored with toxic-free paints, the wooden tracks are a safe and environment-friendly alternative. With compatible cars, your kids can enjoy just the same amount of racing excitement, as well as adopt an organic lifestyle.


5. Cartoon cars and tracks toy.

As we see on social media, parents would worry about cars too fast to be safe for infants and young toddlers. In that case, cartoon cars are a cool substitution off the bench.



Cartoon toys often consist of well-rounded pieces, with cars running slowly on properly-walled tracks. Children can indulge themselves and develop their fine motor skills without fear of cutting fingers or getting crushed by cars.



Moreover, the cartoon design will be an addition to the toy's charm. Children can play longer with it instead of getting bored easily.


6. Marble Run tracks.

Marble Run is not a race car toy, but it is more fun and educational in a different way.



Rather than the excitement of speed, a Marble Run toy entertains children in the process of making tracks. Kids will spend a lot of time pondering making a set of tracks the marble ball can run smoothly and as far as possible.


Marble Run is also a sustainable game in that it doesn't require electricity to run the marble ball. Children can learn physical knowledge such as gravity and potential energies while playing.


7. Ramp racer track toys.

As its name suggests, a ramp racer toy runs its cars on the ramps. It is another type of race toy that doesn't need electricity to run. Gravity does all the job. Kids can learn physical knowledge while nurturing their sense of environmental protection.



With cute little cars and multiple rails available, children can not only enjoy themselves but also compete with friends to see who's the fastest driver.


8. Real-scene race car tracks.

There is a special type of car track toys in the market. They don't just give kids tracks and cars to run on but also equip them with more facilities.


An example of this kind of car toy track set is the race car tracks parking lot big adventure set. In addition to a cartoon track with dinosaurs, it also contains mountains and tunnels, together with a multi-floor parking lot to imitate real-life scenes.



The significance of putting a real-scene track toy set in the playroom is that children can learn to organize procedures. They can also learn about real-world organizations earlier, preparing them for social life.


Whichever types of car track toys you are interested in, they serve your children in regards to their entertainment as well as education a lot. Moreover, track toys are outstanding for parents to play with children. If you still haven't got one at home, it's highly advisable that you try it immediately during the Spring break.



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Posing Guide 2022: How to Pose Children in Instant Photos

Posing Guide 2022: How to Pose Children in Instant Photos

This photography session is provided by Ealingkids, the popular store for kids toys online. Photographs are provided by Unsplash, the stock-free image community.


We all love taking photos. Men, women, animals, cars, sceneries, throughout all the subjects out there, kids are one of the most interesting and positive subjects for photography. They are active, undisguised, and often more creative than adults when it comes to posing.


However, every coin has two sides. Sometimes we will also find kids are too active to pose properly, or cannot understand the photographer's instructions. This problem is even more noticeable when it comes to non-digital photography like film DSLRs and Polaroid cameras. Any accidents can cause a waste of films.


There are great alternatives to children's polaroid camera like the Ealingkids instant camera for kids, which allows children to take photos with its full HD front and rear lenses and store them digitally in an external memory card. Moreover, children can choose whichever image to print out instantly with the built-in thermal printer and BPA-free thermal paper. However, we can still use some good tips to pose children in photos.




1. Pose them as they are.

Children are the most genius models. Sometimes they don't need additional instructions. Let them play and gesture as they like. Remember to shoot from their eye level so that they look natural and relaxed.



2. Try to shoot them in sports or dance.

Many children are very active and fond of sports. They can play soccer, basketball, or skateboard all day. When you put baby girls in a beautiful dress, they would dance with joy. That is the moment you want. Set your camera to a fast shutter speed and get ready for a candid and vivid photo of the kids.



3. Capture baby girls with dolls or dollhouses.

Dolls and dollhouses are great subjects for photography already. Imagine how cute your baby girl would look in the picture with them! Dress her like a princess in your castle and surround her with dolls. While she indulges herself in the play, you will have plenty of room and time to snapshot the fun moments.



4. It's a good idea to take photos with pets.

I personally love to take photos of my dog. I am pretty sure that if there is a pet in your family, it's going to be a very close friend to your kids. Whether sitting next to a sleeping cat or hugging a flurry dog, your children would look more innocent than anything.



5. Try to shoot the most focused moments.

If you prefer stillness over activeness, you might need some extra help to keep children still. It is a good choice to give them something they can focus on and stay occupied for minutes (of course, not mobiles). Something like fidget toys would be great.



6. Make them smile at you, not the lens.

Sometimes we tend to observe the subjects through the monitor of the camera. But when it comes to shooting kids, it is advisable that you encourage them to make eye contact with you and interact in the process. It is positive for making them smile more naturally (other than gesturing for the shot).



7. Put them in nature, but only in safe ways.

Compared to indoor environments, nature provides better depth and lights for impressive photos. Grassland or meadow fields are some of the most popular scenes for photographers. Kids can enjoy the vastness and have fun boundlessly. The trees and animals out there will also amuse them a lot. One thing to notice is that parents must put safety in the first place. Don't just stare at the monitor or viewfinder and neglect the environment. Always watch out for dangers such as cars or insects. Don't let children play at risky places alone like seashores or cliffs.



8. Food can be good props too.

Kids love eating, so why not put them together with their favorite food? Nice delicacy ice cream would make them happy and put on a bright smile on their faces.



9. Bubbles, make them or play among them.

It is no surprise that children are easily mesmerized by bubbles: colorfully crystal, floating, and so fragile that kids would chase to see or make them explode. With a number of bubbles in the air, the photographer can create a beautiful depth of scenery.



10. The best time for children photography is with parents.

Yes, the best time children have is always with their parents. Spend a little more time with them. Make them smile by telling them stories or jokes. Have fun with them with family party toys. Use a tripod if needed to capture children's most natural and happiest moments.


January 01, 2022 — Gabriel Tanois
15 New Year's Resolutions that Work for Kids

15 New Year's Resolutions that Work for Kids

Making New Year's resolutions with kids is a good way to start the Year 2022. Proper goals help kids grow good habits and abilities. See our suggestions for resolutions that work.
December 25, 2021 — Gabriel Tanois
Why Puzzles Can Benefit Children's Early Development

Why Puzzles Can Benefit Children's Early Development

Puzzles are a classic toy for children of all ages. As they come in various types, shapes, materials, and purposes of design, even infants can play with simple puzzles and explore the world in early stages. As children grow up, parents can offer them more complicated puzzles as a challenge to improve their capabilities comprehensively. Many life tasks children may encounter are actually very similar to puzzles. For example, fitting items into a box, or piling up stuff to a certain shape.



According to, puzzle play is a great tool for the development of children's cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and also their social, emotional, and linguistic skills. Parents, educators, and caregivers can expect very fruitful results with proper puzzle play settings. Here are five things children learn through puzzle play.


puzzle toy game

Verb and Spatial Vocabulary

When instructing babies to play puzzles, parents can use words such as turn, flip, and rotate and show them the actions accordingly so that they not only learn how to build puzzle sets but also comprehend verbs through practice. Children also learn spatial words such as above, below, and besides when parents describe to them the position and order of puzzle pieces during the play.


Sequencing Capability

Puzzle sets such as sequences puzzles require the sequence of putting pieces together to be exact and accurate. Children hear and learn ordinal numbers and words that indicate relative positions in a sequence, such as first, second, third, and last. Parents can also encourage young children to retell the sequence in which they put the puzzle pieces together to further develop their understanding of sequencing.


numeric puzzles


Problem-Solving Capability

Through recognizing shapes and sequences of puzzle pieces and putting them together to make a whole, children learn to work through problems and reach solutions. They may need to learn to set aside the piece they hope to put in the puzzle while searching for one that fits in the slot they need. They also may learn there are multiple paths to the puzzle’s completion as they do a puzzle over and over again. When they work on puzzles with peers, they also describe their strategies to others and work through difficulties collaboratively.


problem solving capability


Task Completion and Persistence

The process of putting together a puzzle set has a definite end - upon its completion. Children encounter frustration when they cannot easily solve a puzzle, and when they work through these emotions, they enjoy the success of task completion. Working through these feelings helps children develop persistence, or the ability to keep going in the face of difficulty.


Fine motor and hand-eye coordination

Children refine their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills as they manipulate puzzle pieces to put the puzzle together. They develop the small muscles in their hands that allow them to grasp and move puzzle pieces with precision.


early development toys


Older infants and young toddlers may enjoy knobbed puzzles that are easy to grasp. To enhance children's visual recognition capability, parents can instruct them to find success with a puzzle set that composes an image. For example, a puzzle set of animals like cat, dog, and bird pieces is ideal for parents to teach children how to fit puzzle pieces in their slots. For toddlers and preschoolers that have become more skillful, parents can offer them “tray puzzles” with multiple pieces fitting together to make a single picture. As toddlers and preschoolers grow, they may start to enjoy trying jigsaw puzzles and more complex tray puzzles. Three-dimensional puzzles, such as stacking rings or a nesting cup, also challenge their skills and thinking.


Young children with access to puzzles that are the correct level of difficulty for their current developmental stage can be significantly benefited from puzzle play. Parents should provide appropriate instructions and also sufficient freedom for children to play puzzles independently. This allows children to build their small muscles, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving strategies through repeated practice. They can enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a task on their own as they put the puzzles together and take them apart. It is helpful to keep these puzzles in a place where children can access and clean them up independently. Rotating the selection of puzzles will help maintain their interest too. There are numerous types of puzzles for children in the market. Here are a few outstanding ones that are beneficial for children.

Wooden Castle Block Puzzles

As researched by marketers, girls generally favor doll plays over puzzle plays. While both types of toys are beneficial in some ways, puzzle plays can improve many aspects of girls' intelligence when dolls cannot. To attract girls to puzzle play, parents can choose the kinds of puzzles that are designed for girls, such as the wooden castle block puzzles. 


wooden castle block puzzles


Kids can build dreamy castles, houses, and many other buildings with castle blocks. Young children can also learn about shapes safely with the BPA-free, well-rounded wooden pieces. By inviting small human figure models inside the castles they build, children can also develop their emotional capability while having fun.

Wooden Tool Kit Puzzles

Puzzles are about building things, so why not play it with creativity? The Carpenter's Set includes a wooden toolbox, a series of tools, and puzzle pieces of various shapes. This all-wood set allows children to experience a carpenter's career and build puzzle works like a professional. It is ideal for developing children's intelligence and their social perception.


carpenter's set wooden puzzle toys


Magnetic Race Car Track Puzzles

When car toys meet puzzle tracks - it means endless fun for kids! Magnetic puzzles are another popular type of puzzle. Compared with ordinary ones, magnetic puzzles are easier to connect and provide more ways to form unique works. Magnetic puzzle track pieces allow children to build car tracks based on their imagination rather than a set rule. Children can be inspired to dig in and learn about engineering and science. The power cars also make it a great party game for kids to learn to cooperate and share with friends, improving their social capabilities.


car track puzzles magnetic puzzle toy


Puzzle plays are truly beneficial for children's early development in many ways. When parents are buying puzzle toys for children, remember to see if they are BPA-free, safely polished, and large enough to not choke young kids. Parents are suggested to go to reliable shops like for reliable, high-quality, and well-designed puzzle toys as gifts for their children.





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Black Friday Gift Guide - How to Buy Best Toys with Best Bargain of the Year

Black Friday Gift Guide - How to Buy Best Toys with Best Bargain of the Year

Over the last week, many shoppers have laid their orders with the Black Friday promotions. If you are still considering what gifts to buy for your kids for Christmas and the New Year, here's a guide for you.

What Toys Are Best for the Holiday Season?

Christmas Advent Calendar Surprise Box

This is the most popular toy gift this season. The Christmas Adventure Calendar surprise boxes provide 25 separate boxes of sealed fidget toys. Parents can give it to the children on December 1st, and let them open one of the boxes each day during the countdown to Christmas. It's great for kids to learn about the significance of Advent and stay excited about the holiday season.


Christmas Advent Calendar

Instant-Print Camera for Kids

Two hew forms join the hot sale instant-print camera family: Bear and Tiger. For the holiday season, there is a Santa Claus shape that will win kids' attention over everything in a party. Teach them to capture memorable moments and print their creations out to share with family and friends they love.


Instant-print Camera Santa Shape


Remote Control Alloy Construction Vehicles

The remote control alloy construction vehicles include bulldozers, excavators, crane towers, grapple tractors, and dump trucks. The high-quality alloy bodies with non-toxic paints make these remote control vehicles durable and ideal for both boys and girls above 6 years old.


Remote control construction vehicle toy



Dinosaur Track and Parking Lot Big Adventure Set

We just added highway parts to the dinosaur track and parking lot adventure set! Buy it this Black Friday mania and let your children have a full table of fun with the set. Throw a Holiday party. Assemble the tracks with family. Hold a race that everyone can enjoy.


Dino track car with parking lot


How to Buy Toys with the Best Bargain of the Year?

There are many types of Black Friday campaigns in the market. Many of them are tricky and bring no real value to shoppers. Here's a guide on how to use Ealingkids promotions to buy true bargain toys for kids.

Buy-More-Pay-Less Campaign

This campaign usually involves the use of coupon codes. When buyers put a certain amount of commodities together and apply the code, a certain percentage or a set sum of money will be deducted from their final payment. While this campaign is meant to be easy and straightforward - some shops make it really hard. For example, they require that coupon codes are only applicable to a certain list of goods. Some other shops would display a discounted price on the product page, but calculate the final payment with the original (and higher) price when coupon codes are applied. While Amazon imposes strict regulations on prices, such tricks are commonly seen in independent shopping sites.



Ealingkids is among the few shops that play no similar tricks. Our buy-more-pay-less campaign offers three tiers of discounts: $25 off for orders over $129, $60 off for orders over $229, and $100 off for orders over $329. You simply need to input the codes before final payment (BF25, BF60, and BF100 respectively), and get money deducted from discounted prices. You can choose any toys from our store - even those already drastically discounted - and use the coupon code to save even more money.

Seckill Deals

You might hear of the word "Seckill Deals" in video games. While it may sound unfamiliar to some shoppers, it's actually very popular in the Asian e-commerce market. It's basically what we used to call limited-time sales, except that the time limit is longer and the discounts are a lot better.



Ealingkids allows as many as 18 days, from November 12th to November 30th this year, for you to buy toys for as little as $9.99. We have a dedicated page to list all Seckill toys for you to choose the bargain toys one-stop, another approach to making Black Friday shopping simple for busy parents.

Surprise Bags

It was once the most popular gift style for children - the Surprise Bags. Imagine that as a kid, you are given a Kinder Egg. You know there's gonna be a toy in it, but you never know what it is until you open it.

On Trustpilot and other review sites, users are complaining about surprise bags for containing too many unwanted toys and undervalued toys in the bags. Surprise bags have been used as a means to empty vendors' inventories.



This year, Ealingkids bring to the market Surprise Bags that truly care about the value of customers. We offer Surprise bags that bundle 3 - 4 toys that are promised to be much better-valued than their prices. For example, the $39 Surprise Bag includes 3 - 4 items randomly selected from a bag, pull-back cars, a DIY jewelry kit, wooden patterned puzzles, a wooden magnetic fishing game set, and silicon bubble fidget toys. For parents and educators who need to buy toys for a lot of kids, the Surprise Bags save their time and energy from choosing in the sea of toys.

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How Do Parents Improve Children's Eye-Hand Coordination | Ealingkids

How Do Parents Improve Children's Eye-Hand Coordination | Ealingkids

Eye-hand coordination - you may have heard of this many times from educators, parenting blogs, and experts. However, regardless of the sea of articles and videos talking about it, some parents aren't still clear about what eye-hand coordination is, why it is important, and how parents improve children's eye-hand coordination.


children playing eye-hand coordination toys

What Is Eye-hand Coordination?

Let's learn about it from our daily life. When someone throws something at you, say a baseball, you need to use your eyes to tell the distance, velocity, and track of the incoming ball. Then you can raise a hand to fetch it. When I am writing this article, I need to occasionally look down at my keyboard so that I know where to put my fingers correctly. There are examples of eye-hand coordination.

As per how Wikipedia explains, "eye-hand coordination is the coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement and the processing of visual input to guide reaching and grasping along with the use of proprioception of the hands to guide the eyes." In simple terms, the eye-hand coordination is about eyes and hands helping each other do their jobs.


Why Is Eye-hand Coordination Important?

Behind the seemingly apparent concept, there is a complicated mechanism that involves vision, movement, and how brains receive signals and turn them into commands. For example, people with dispaired vision problems (like strabismus) or brain injuries are more likely to display disordered hand movements like failure to touch, grasp, and hold. Before it was scientifically studied, people tended to see movement disruption and visual handicap separately. Now with a better understanding of the mechanism, therapists can rehabilitate patients with comprehensive approaches, thus increasing the patients' chance to resume their normal life.

For parents, it is also important to understand the coordination between eyes and hands. Parents need to adopt a series of approaches to help children develop their eye-hand cooperation abilities. A research report by Indiana University shows that there is a strong connection between hand-eye coordination and their abilities to communicate and learn. Another research by the Association for Psychological Science reveals that children's ability of eye-hand coordination also correlates with their writing, maths, and reading skills. In simple terms, helping children develop their eye-hand coordination can also improve their elementary capabilities at school and in society.


How Do Parents Improve Children's Eye-hand Coordination?

Montessori educators suggest a series of exercises to develop children's eye-hand coordination. Based on the kid's age, parents can adopt different exercises.

Use sound toys to attract their attention

Toys that make sounds can attract babies' and toddlers' attention, and guide them to use their eyes to explore things around them. For example, this Audible Flashcard Machine is ideal for toddlers to use their hands to insert the card and their eyes to identify the word. When the sound meets with the word, kids would discover the fun in exploration with their hands and eyes.


audible flashcard for preschoolers

Use building blocks to train them to grasp and move subjects

Building blocks are recommended by many educators and therapists as a means to develop children's eye-hand coordination at an early age. Parents can teach children to recognize colors and shapes with building blocks. It helps children use their brains to process the information received by their eyes. Children can use their hands to feel the shapes, distances, and sizes of the blocks, and move them to a place as their eyes guide them.

Remember to choose toys that are safely designed and made for kids. The recommended diameter for spherical toys is above 1.25 inches, according to In the Ealingkids Magnetic Rods and Balls set, the magnetic balls are sized 1.4 inches in diameter. With proper guidance from parents, children can be safe from choking hazards with the toy set and enjoy a fast and healthy early education.


magnetic toys

Use art toys to enhance brain development

Art exercises stimulate children's brain growth with more synapses pathways between brain cells, as suggested by neuroscientists. The learning of writing, reading, communicating, and many other skills also rely on synapses, so it's important to help them develop their synapses through art exercises. In addition, art exercises that involve hands like drawing, puzzles, and origami train children with better fine motor skills, which will help them learn to write faster.

There are many art toys in the market. A comprehensive choice would be the Ealingkids Wooden Art Easel. It allows children to doodle on its easy-clean whiteboard, as well as play with numbers, letters, and animal pins on the magnetic board side. Parents can also use the easel to teach children to read and write at home or outdoor. The organic materials would keep children safe from hazardous chemicals.


double side easel for children


We already know that eye-hand coordination is important for children's physical and intellectual development. With the world of toys provided by Ealingkids, parents can find high-quality, safe, and innovative tools to develop children's eye-hand coordination.

November 10, 2021 — Gabriel Tanois
Halloween Gift Ideas 2021 - Spooky and Joy!

Halloween Gift Ideas 2021 - Spooky and Joy!

MingIt's Halloween time - the most horrible but also most joyful time of the year. This year, EalingKids collects the most popular Halloween outfits for you and your kids to dress up for the events.

Haunted Doorbell
Halloween toy doorbell scary prom

When the night falls, nothing begins the horror better than the Haunted Doorbell. It looks vintage and elegant, but when you press on its button, an eye on the doorbell abruptly opens, staring around with quirky green light and a hoarse voice. Kids asking for trick or treat? Try giving them both.

LED Face-Changing Cosplay Mask
Halloween Mask Face Changing Mask

 How many masks do you need to stay scary and special all night? With us, the answer is one: the LED Face-changing Cosplay Mask. Simply with a press on the matched watch, the mask will shift from over 2,000 faces to amuse people time and time again. You can even customize its faces!

Eyeball String Lights

Halloween string lights eye-shape lights

If you are throwing a Halloween party, you can really use the Eyeball String Lights as a wall decoration for the spooky vibe. With 8 flashing modes and 10 brightness levels, you can create your haunted castle at home.


Clown Halloween Costume

Halloween clown costume dress for girls
Halloween is a carnival for kids! Put your children in Halloween costumes and make them the focus of the party! The Clown Halloween Costume for Girls is a full set of dresses, hairbands, neckties, bracelets, and gloves to make your girls from 2 to 10 years old look completely Halloween.


Dotted Tutu Dress

Halloween dotted Tutu dress for girls
Another costume option is the Dotted Tutu Dress. Made of premium-quality tulle material, it's a combination of fashion, cuteness, and classic. Or go a little further with the Ghost Bride Cosplay Dress, soft, comfortable, and perfect for role-play parties.

There are many Halloween collections offered on at great discounts. You can find them both on our official channels, or on discount curation sites. Get ready for this year's chill and prepare an unforgettable Halloween for your kids.



September 08, 2021 — Gabriel Tanois
How to Keep Children Away from Phones?

How to Keep Children Away from Phones?

How to Keep Your Children Away from Phones?

Many teens and children are addicted to phones, as observed by EalingKids investigators. A survey suggested that 47% of parents say that their kids are addicted to smartphones. Besides physical damage to children's eyes and distraction from their study and rest, phone addiction can also cause a lot of emotional problems like anger, depression, and irritability to kids.

 children addition to phones

However, phone addiction is hard to get rid of, because many applications, especially mobile games, are designed to constantly occupy users' attention. Children, unlike adults, are harder to manage their time and energy. That's why parents need to help children to stay away from phones.

How to Keep Your Children Away from Phones

There are many ways to keep children off the phones. The principle is to distract them from phones, and help them use phones wisely.

Restrict their screen time

Many phone manufacturers now allow parents to control the time of screen use. That could reduce children's time with the phone.

Guide them to do the right things with phones

In the pandemic era, many schools provide online classes for students. Parents should help kids use their phones wisely for studies and learning, and avoid spending too much time on entertainment and games.

kids addicted to smartphone

Take over phones with toys and books

Many books and toys are made to develop children's intelligence and are also fun to read and play with. Here are some highly recommendable toys.

Magnetic balls and rods

Magnetic balls and rods are building toys with magnets. Children can use them to make various shapes like letters, numbers, animals, and even 3D shapes. The magnetic balls can function as joints, allowing their creations to move freely. While creating their toys, children can learn maths, physics, geometrics, and languages. They would also develop their self-assertion and capabilites of logistical thinking and problem solving.


magnetic building blocks

Instant-print cameras

Kids who like to take selfies with phones can also use a toy camera and printer for that now. Moreover, they can print their photographs instantly with the built-in thermal printer. With some easily accessible pens, children can color the printed photos. The camera printer uses BPA-free paper to protect children's health. Kids can learn about colors and the world around them. They would grow fond of playing outdoor instead of staying in their rooms with phones.


camera with printer toy

Magnetic tracks and racecars

Magnetic racecar tracks are a great toy for children's early education. With magnetic tiles, they can build a complete set of racing tracks that can actually run a racecar on. There are numerous possible combinations of straight and round tracks. Kids can spend all day on them without their phones. Besides, the accomplishment of building something is way bigger than anything mobile games can provide.

 magnetic tiles for kids

There are many cool toys that can keep children away from phones. However, parents are also suggested to put down their phones and spend more time with children. Shop for more fun toys that are good for parents and kids to play together.


September 02, 2021 — Gabriel Tanois
magnetic rods and balls

What Are Magnetic Balls and Rods?

What Does A Set of Magnetic Balls and Rods Include?

Magnetic balls and rods are a kind of magnetic toys. They include straight rods, curved rods, and balls of various colors. The rods are embedded with magnets, and the balls are iron balls coated with high-quality plastics.


magnetic balls and rods

How Do Magnetic Toys Work?

The magnets at both ends of the rods attract each other to form different shapes: sticks, hooks, circles, etc. The iron balls fit perfectly with the spherical dents at the ends of the rods so that the balls can serve as joints for the combinations.


how magnetic rod and ball work

Why Do We Need Magnetic Toys?

Many magnetic toys are not only fun but also useful for education. Magnetic balls and rods, for example, are a recognized tool for children's STEM education. They can learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and even the alphabet from shapes parents teach them to build. They can also develop their geometric thinking about structures, spaces, and forces. Magnetism, an invisible force to keep things together, will also breed their curiosity into science.


Magnetic toy for STEM learning

What Can We Do with Magnetic Balls and Rods?

We can build many things with magnetic balls and rods, from 2D numbers and letters to animals and vehicles. This can be a great method to let kids learn from play.

More sophisticatedly, we can help children build 3D structures, like 3D horses, furniture, and many more. Kids will start to learn about structures, spaces, lengths, and numbers when they design their creations.

With the balls as joints, all the creations are movable. For example, children can build a mary-go-round and have it spin with a gentle push. The fun to play with their works will keep kids away from smartphones all day.


magnetic toys for STEM education

Are Magnetic Toys Safe?

Many parents are concerned about the safety of magnetic balls and rods, most of which is choking hazard of the balls. In simple terms, it can be as safe as any other toy if played correctly.

safe magnetic balls

Choose parts that are hard to swallow. recommends spherical toys should be above 1.25 inches in diameter to be safe for kids. Our magnetic balls are approximately 1.4 inches in diameter.

Only give magnetic toys to children old enough to play safely.

We demand that the magnetic toys should be given only to children at least 3 years old. They need to be old enough and trained to listen to take orders from parents.

Play with kids and keep them from dangerous moves.

While our magnetic rods and balls are safe by design, dangers could also happen if not used correctly. In that case, parents should play together with kids, and monitor them all the while. Keep children from dangerous moves such as putting a toy into their mouths and throwing toys at others.


Where to Buy Magnetic Toys?

There are many online shops selling magnetic toys. Prices vary and so do qualities. Ealing Kids only sells what is advertised, and offers great discounts to customers new and old. If you don't want to miss our daily offer, remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Gardening with Children

Gardening with Children


Like most sensory experiences, gardening with children can be a hectic, messy and usually, an untidy affair! Children playing with soil, pulling up plants and strewing seeds everywhere however, is a fantastic learning experience and one which allows the development of a whole host of new skills. Gardening activities can provide hours of fun and introduce moments of awe and wonder to children. They can watch plants growing from seeds, and marvel at fruits and vegetables increasing in size as they learn how to feed and nurture them. Children will begin to make the connection that the food we eat begins its life in the soil around us.


Benefits of Gardening in Early Years

There are numerous reasons to get children involved with gardening activities, from encouraging teamwork skills to improving self-confidence, to developing vocabulary skills. Here are just a few of the benefits that gardening can offer to children:

Encourages Interaction and Communication

The experience of growing and planting provides many opportunities for children to talk with friends, family, and other teachers about what they have learnt and practised in the garden. They will enjoy describing their activities and making use of the new words they have discovered.

Motivation to Learn

Learning about sowing, growing, weeding and planting are exciting topics for children. They will feel motivated and eager to learn even more new skills as their experiences in the garden develop.

Caring for Clothes and Hygiene

Taking part in gardening activities involves working with soil, seeds and water. Children will learn how to protect their clothes by wearing overalls and wellies. They will also understand the importance of washing their hands after they have finished their tasks.

Time to get gardening…

Nowadays, children are spending more time indoors than ever before, so it’s vitally important that we encourage every early years setting to plant a garden with their children. The great thing about gardening is that there isn’t a set idea of how to do things. Each garden will be different, from rolling acres to container planting but the outcome will be the same, an enriching experience of awe and wonder. For some children it will be their first opportunity to spend time playing in the dirt, reminding us that for some very young children, the journey is often more important than the destination.

I believe that when your child knows that there will be afternoon tea outdoors, she can't wait to pick up the picnic basket and all kinds of food to play. "Great! Mom!" Then followed the adults excitedly, really looking forward to it!

July 02, 2021 — Ealingkids